In Memory of Catherine Yang

Catherine Yang

was born on April 24, 1986 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to loving parents, Roger and Sophia Yang. She loved to write prose, play violin, and read classics.

Her family and friends remember her as a very sensitive and caring person always wanting to help others. One of her undertakings at Saratoga High was raising funds for wheelchairs for those who needed them. At UC Berkeley, she continued to follow her heart and took courses in English Literature, and Peace and Conflict Studies.

In her final days, Catherine was visited by friends and family all wanting to show their support for someone who had touched their lives deeply. On December 22, 2005, she peacefully left this world at Stanford Children’s Hospital.

Catherine was the news editor of the Saratoga High Falcon, and her parents have established a scholarship fund in her memory.

A much more complete biography can be found in Sophia Yang's (Catherine's mother) eulogy in Memories.

Buddhist Dedication of Merit

May every living being,
our minds as one and radiant with light,
share the fruits of peace,
with hearts of goodness, luminous and bright.
If people hear and see,
how hands and hearts can find in giving unity,
may their minds awake,
to Great Compassion, wisdom and to joy.
May kindness find reward;
may all who sorrow leave their grief and pain;
may this boundless light break the darkness
of their endless night.
Because our hearts are one,
this world of pain turns into Paradise;
may all become compassionate and wise;
may all become compassionate and wise.