In Memory of Catherine Yang

Our friend

Catherine was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma in her junior year at Saratoga High in 2003. She passed away peacefully in December 2005 among family and friends. We remember Catherine as an extraordinary soul, daughter, sister, writer, student, and friend. Her good humor and sunny disposition brightened all of our lives. Selfless to a fault, her greatest worry was always the welfare of others. She would probably have objected to a website in her name, but we can think of no one who more deserves to be remembered as a star in our lives.

You can find

Catherine's Biography; funeral-service-related content in the Archive, including a video of the photo slideshow; those same photos and others in the Gallery (opens in a new window); stories and anecdotes about Catherine in Memories; Catherine's own essays and newspaper articles in Writing; and information about the scholarship Fund.

This website

is intended to provide a permanent home for our memories of Catherine. It'll always be a work in progress, so please offer suggestions. If you are among her thirty-odd friends and family who spoke either at Catherine's service or afterwards at her house, or simply want to contribute content, please email your photos, stories, etc., to .

Graduation Photo of Catherine Yang

Catherine Yang
Saratoga, CA
4/24/1986 - 12/22/2005